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Why Forbes Top 100 Most Valuable Brand List does not have an Indian Brand

Samsung is trying to dent Apple with its clone smart phones, making Apple's top executive's nights sleepless. But despite of the stiff Market competition, Apple is still no. One in terms of Brand Value a whopping $104 billion.


Now the Forbes list of top most valuable Brand list is out, and this year also nothing dramatic is in this list. Apple name is as strong as ever, it retained it's number one position for the third consecutive year also recorded 20% more comparing to last year. It is worth nearly twice as much as any other Brand on the earth. Microsoft occupies the number two position in the third consecutive year but the value is some what flat at $56.7 Billion. In fact Microsoft is juggling from PC to Mobile.




Coca Cola is number three with $54.9 Billion. Company's growth is slowed but it is still the most profitable brands in the world with operating margin of 34% in the current fiscal year. It is followed by IBM ($50.7 Bn) and Google ($47.3 Bn.) which make up the top five. Among the other top 10 brands :

 Rank                                               Company.               Brand Value 

                                                                                  (In Billion Dollars)

  6                                                  McDonald's.             39.4 

  7                                                  General Electric.     34.2 

  8                                                  Intel.                      30.9 

  9                                                  Samsung.                 29.5 

 10                                                 Louis Vuitton.          28.4 

This year there are certain real surprises also. Three years back Nokia was at 9th place with $27.3 Bn. This year it is ranked 71 with just $7Bn. Another fallen star is Blackberry which was $6.1 Bn last year now only $2.2 Bn and no more in the top 100 list.

If we talk about the Brands from USA, they occupy 50 ranks out of  top 100 of this years' list. Next one Germany (9 Brands) , France (8 Brands) and Japan (7 Brands). No Indian brand featured in this top 100 list. The only hope for India may be in the coming years a Software Brand like TCS or Infosys but for that the Brands have to invest a lot in image building besides booking much more business.

 There are many manufactures in India who has immense capabilities but they are happy to be global outsourcing supplier to iconic international names. Do not you feel that right time has come when we as a nation should come out of the outsourcing mode to building some real brands. To begin with we need to start testing our own products in Indian market  with product innovation, over all brand experience and dependability.

Are Indian Industry peers listening ?


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