Brand Tantra

Manage your Brand in Down Turn


What to do for your brand in the downturn

Some Guru Mantras from the Market Peers


*Don't do to kids what you wouldn't do to your own. By extension, don't do to

consumers what you wouldn't do to your friends and family.


* Secure an 'ethical' sign-off from your target group each time a campaign, a new

product or a service is about to be launched in the market. Develop your own

independent consumer panel (a representative target audience) and disclose the

perception of the product, as well as the reality. Let the consumers make the

final call.


* Align perception with reality. Your talents might very well lie in brilliantly

creating convincing perceptions, but how do they stack up against the reality? If

there's a mismatch, either one must be adjusted in order for them to be in sync.


* Be 100% transparent. Nothing less. The consumer needs to know what you

know about them. Furthermore, they must be told exactly how you intend to

use the information. If they don't like what they see, they need a fair and easy

way to opt out.


* Almost any product or service has a downside – don't hide the negatives. Tell itas it is. Be open and frank, and communicate it in a simple and straightforward way.


* All your endorsements and testimonials must be real - don't fake them.

Does your product have a built-in expiry date? If so, be open about it and

communicate it in a visible, clear and easily understood manner.


* Avoid fuelling peer pressure among kids. Bear in mind you'd hate for your kids

to come under such pressure.


*    Be open and transparent about the environmental impact of your brand

(including its carbon foot print and sustainability factors).


* Do not hide or over-complicate your legal obligations to be placed in your ads

or on your packs. These should be treated just like any other commercial

message on your pack, using a simple, easy-to-understand language.


Curtsey Lindstorm 

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