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How to think different & Innovate

I ask you a basic question, in case you are a trouser manufacturer, very hap and creative in designs what you have to do to get good premium for your creativity and innovation ? If you do not have a name or brand for your trouser, you have no choice but to sell it cheap, but in case you have created a brand you may definitely earn a rich premium. Today, no Indian company, except software names Infosys and TCS, may claim to own a brand of international repute despite the fact that in readymade garment manufacturing, Thirur, Banglore and host of other centres are the outsourcing hub for the top international brands. But the premium an Indian should earn is encased by owner of a foreign brand, who is outsourcing here is India and selling our own innovation in your own country and earning a premium, you as a customer very happy and proud to wear that stuff ! So many of my friends in my native place Moradabad are in brass art ware manufacturing and export business, most of them are manufacturing and exporting to their US and European clients. They do not bother to know that their products are being sold in which brand name or at what price, they are more interested to claim subsidy on their export. In fact their whole emphasis and expertise is on manufacturing

As per the design and specification given by their client. Had they thought about adding their own creativity and innovation, probably their earning from their business would be many a times.


Famous writer Richard Florida feels that creativity involves distinct habits of mind and patterns of behaviour that needs to be cultivated.The converse of this is also true. In case you explicitly or subtly classify people, then they start behaving in-line with the classification. For example, institutions tend to subtly classify people for administrative convenience. The creative class - advertise -advertising, marketing and research departments are expected to work with imagination and originality. The other class-logistic, operations and finance- is expected to work with diligence and accuracy. In due course , those people start to behave according to their



I will like to give few examples to explain that there is nothing genetic about acting creatively. When famous scientist Einstein died, researchers opened up his brain, contrary to the expectation of humungous size or special brain bumps that might explain his genius, researchers found that his brain was actually smaller than that of ordinary people. Second example : in 1973, to establish the connection between genes and creativity. Marvin Reznikoff and his team studied all the twins born in American city Connecticut since 1987. The genetic composition of monozygotic (similar) and dizygotic (dissimilar) twins is different but Reznikoff found no difference in the rates of creativity between two type of twins. Third example : founder of an American firm W.L.gore quit a long career at DuPont to found a creative company in 1958. In the next fifty years, his company generated $3 billion in revenue from a diverse set of products. The founder organised the company so that every one could be creative. His one of the engineer David Myers, who was working on cardiac implants became curious about how to improve the performance of the cables on his mountain bike. His openness to experience resulted in his developing a polymer which was branded as Gore-Tex. This polymer was later used by the company to coat guitar strings for better tonal quality.


We need to capture creativity boosted moments, which we may find in every sphere and always arise out of behaviours :

1. An insatiable curiosity, leading the person from one unexpected discovery to another

2. Taking a break thus avoiding over fixation on the issue/problem

3. A determined journey through the five Mithlyi stages described of -

         * Preparation

         * Incubation

         * Insight

         * Evaluation

         * Elaboration

4. Resilience to cope with the periodic feeling of not getting anywhere.

These four behaviours apply to science and technology as much as to writing and performing arts.


So the crux of above discussion is, do not feel that you are inferior in creativity, an that only the westerners are creative or innovative. The point is try to experiment and tolerate to get failed. Idea is never big or small, what is more important how to implement it. In a shirt, the big idea is how we may do some value additions for better wearing experience. Arrow shirts are good example of so many value additions to make you feel more comfortable.


So think slightly different and RULE the business space.

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