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Facebook Messenger Designer Launched Limeroad

Prashant Malik is the person behind Facebook Messenger has ventured out and created an E Commerce platform for fairer sex.Created almost a year back, Malik has integrated social media into E Commerce portal to win a woman consumer hook, line and sinker. The time is just right for him because Flipkart and Myntra have already created a market for online business.

Prashant's company Limeroad has won it's first one million unique visitors, due to the fact that they are more of a social platform on the top of an E Commerceportal with a social network of it's own, apart from syndication like following fellow users or creating a social graph via popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

So, Limeroad sells women's lifestyle and home products as well as allows visitors to talk to each other on their own network. They also get notifications, instant messages, alerts and also directly connects with the customer allowing them a share in the company's profits through a unique revenue model called 'look'.

On Limeroad platform, there are user generated content called 'looks' , which are an aggregation of a number of products put together-like scrapbook-so users can actually buy from these scrap books and the portal has affiliate model in place that ensure a 'looks' creator gets a percentage of the sale. There are also various other kind of revenue models that can be built on the top of this platform, an E Commerce is just one of them.

In a cluttered online shopping space what makes Limeroad unique ? This is probably the only true marketing place from day one. the basic idea was to have a managed and controlled marketplace so that quality control of product images on the platform be maintained. So far there is a tight control of the orders and tracking on the platform so that when somebody buys something they actually buy from Limeroad, and it is their brand-name at stake from the time the order is placed till it reaches the customer.

As Limeroad is a Market Place so it does not have a warehouse or have to pay any thing for keeping their inventory. This means more value to the consumer in terms of better pricing, as well as better profit margins. In fact the portal has negative margin as it pays only after delivery of orders. Limeroad has almost 450 vendors from all over the country-half of them are exclusively on this portal. Now Prashant is also looking vendors beyond the geographical boundaries of India, from Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh. The next big thing on Limeroad will be embracing mobile phone users as client. The trick will be integrating with WhatsApp or phone Numbers of users Via message/ SMS.

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