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Facebook Messenger Designer Launched Limeroad

Prashant Malik is the person behind Facebook Messenger has ventured out and created an E Commerce platform for fairer sex.Created almost a year back, Malik has integrated social media into E Commerce portal to win a woman consumer hook, line and sinker. The time is just right for him be…

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Search Engine Optimization - Made Easy


Everybody who run a website longs for making his site and the site's individual pages visible and relevant to both search engines and search engine users. Let us see how it can be accomplished.


The Basics of Good Search Engine Optimization


Good search engine optimization is very basic.…

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How to think different & Innovate

I ask you a basic question, in case you are a trouser manufacturer, very hap and creative in designs what you have to do to get good premium for your creativity and innovation ? If you do not have a name or brand for your trouser, you have no choice but to sell it cheap, but in case you have created…

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Why Forbes Top 100 Most Valuable Brand List does not have an Indian Brand

Samsung is trying to dent Apple with its clone smart phones, making Apple's top executive's nights sleepless. But despite of the stiff Market competition, Apple is still no. One in terms of Brand Value a whopping $104 billion.


Now the Forbes list of top most valuable Brand list is out, and th…

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Manage your Brand in Down Turn


What to do for your brand in the downturn

Some Guru Mantras from the Market Peers


*Don't do to kids what you wouldn't do to your own. By extension, don't do to

consumers what you wouldn't do to your friends and family.


* Secure an 'ethical' sign-off from your target group each time a…

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Make An Interesting Story Around Your Brand

Ms. Angela Ahrendts of Burberry  has shared her insight about Brands. She says that every brand should have some interesting story .

  What makes a great story? Why have some stood the test of centuries, while others are long forgotten? And why do I think stories are more relevant today, to more p…

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Tumblr : Hot Item on Social Media Planning


“Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love.” It’s really no wonder articulating Tumblr’s platform is difficult. Described as “a blogging platform that doubles as a social network”, it is one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world. …

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Ramp Up Social Media Engagement : Few Tips

Every one want to ramp up his social media engagement. Not surprising that many online businesses continually looking for new effective ways to enhance their social media marketing efforts.


Here comes top proven tips to make social media activities more enticing:


1. Quality content is the …

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Are You Looking for higher Pitch for your Luxury Brand

The word “luxury” is used very loosely these days. We’all seen ads promoting a product as “an affordable luxury”, “your everyday luxury”, and so on.

We shall try to define the true luxury brand. What are the characteristics that make it “luxury”? Are expensive products automatically…

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Youtube's New Offering for Brands

 YouTube has recently launched a pilot programme for a small group of partners early last week, which offers paid channels with subscription fees starting at 99 cents per month. This has been introduced to keep up with the demand for more flexibility in monetising and distributing content.

It may …

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Do You Remember the Most Popular Tweet

Remember this tweet?
You guessed it right, 
it was the most popular tweet ever.
And it came from a social media team that included Bryan Whitaker, new COO at NGP VAN. After running a social media campaign to re-elect the president, what does a guy do next? Find out here:

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Repositioning May Reenergize The Brand : Few Recent Case Studies


J.Crew's sales were plummeting; now Michelle Obama is an endorser


When Millard Drexler, the man who turned the Gap into a multi-billion dollar icon, showed up as J. Crew's new CEO in 2003, sales were plummeting.

Under Drexler's guidance, J. Crew rebounded dramatically, earning $3.8 million…

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